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Welcome to Bear Hill !

We create hand-crafted, botanically-inspired luxuries made with whole-plant ingredients that nourish Body, Mind & Spirit for the ultimate in personal care.


By blending clean, green plant ingredients & rare herbal extracts in highly bio-compatible formulas, the plants are able to give you the very best of themselves and more.

The result?  

* Vibrant botanical synergies

* Deeply nourishing formulas

* Intuitively crafted skincare with heart & soul

Bear Hill_Founder As a herbalist, ecologist and lover of all things botanical, I spend as much time as possible outdoors - enjoying and appreciating the 'magic' in each season. 
 There's a well-known (but anonymous) quote that states:
 "If you listen, they will teach you"

 Each of Bear Hill's formulas comes from lessons learned in the wild, & throughout a lifetime of  'listening'.

Testing: First & foremost, our products must be gentle, effective and feel sensational in order to be included in our line. We're very serious about testing each raw ingredient and formula, using products ourselves, along with some very eager volunteers, to evaluate quality, sensation, color, scent, beauty, effectiveness.

Handcrafted Our luscious blends are made from Flowers, Tree bark, Roots, Shoots, Berries, Butters, vegan Wax, clay, extracts, essential oils and more...
When a formula reaches that 'just right' level of perfection, we introduce it to our customers.

"Herbal artistry is a craft we enjoy sharing". Our botanical blends are made in sync with harvests and the flow of the seasons, developed over time - the way nature intended.

American Made: We're proud of our roots. All of our products are made in America - in our botanical lab in Bedford, New York.

Our Mission: 
To enhance the quality of our lives with clean, vibrant botanicals while respecting the plants & the places where they grow.

    To share nature's most enriching formulas with you and to educate others about self care with Whole Botanical Wellness. 

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