We speak the language of plants and listen closely to their 'voices'. 

"As herbal artisans, we dream, envision, blend and weave authentic natural traditions with modern botanical science creating skincare formulas that soothe body and soul with pure organic wisdom".

Organic Luxuries are more than Beautiful.

They nourish our skin
Delight our senses
Deliver naturally balanced botanical complexities that can never be reproduced in a lab.

Body Care

Bear_Hill_Botanicals_Body Care

Luxuriously Organic Skincare

From "Garden-To-Gorgeous"

Natural & organic personal care for men, women, athletes.

Our Product Line is Vegan, Bio-dynamically inspired by the Seasons and offers skin-nourishing Bar soap, Lip Balm, Lotion, Foot Powder for all skin types.



Food As Medicine
Food As Medicine

We often hear the phrase "Food is Medicine" and it may sound like a common-sense statement about everyday nutrition and it is!  

  But it's also much more than that.Food As Medicine_Bear_Hill_Botanicals

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Elderberry Syrup - A Recipe for Winter Wellness
Elderberry Syrup - A Recipe for Winter Wellness

This recipe for elderberry syrup is delicious and so easy to make in your own home!

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