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Smoothest lip balm ever

This is a best selling lip balm for a reason! It goes on smooth, feels so very soothing on your lips and contains only pure botanical ingredients, which is a big plus for our vegan friends! $5 each or 3 lip balms for $12.

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This is the best foot powder I've ever tried. Definitely buying this again!

I LOVE this foot powder - my whole family uses it, including my husband who spends all day in workboots! Really helps with foot odors.

My lips are so cracked from the sun! This lip balm takes care of the problem overnight...I keep one in my car, one next to my bed and another on my desk.

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Beautiful vegetable on tray

Food As Medicine

We often hear the phrase "Food is Medicine" and it may sound like a common-sense statement about everyday nutrition and it is!  

  But it's also much more than that.Food As Medicine_Bear_Hill_Botanicals

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how to care for Feet

Caring for your Feet

How often do you think about your feet?

If you are blessed with healthy feet, you probably don't think of them very often other than when a shoe is too tight or you stub a toe. Yet when that happens, our feet become the SOLE focus (pun intended) of our attention.
When your feet hurt, activity comes to a screeching halt.

If there's a pain that won't go away, see your podiatrist or orthopedic specialist right away. Other than urgent medical care, some easy foot care practices go a long way.

Daily Foot Care:
  • Foot Powder - using the right foot powder daily helps to keep your feet  dry and your shoes smelling fresh. Sprinkle in socks or shoes before wearing.
  • Moisturize - Keeping feet moisturized helps dry heels from cracking. Use moisturizer on the tops and bottoms of your feet to help skin stay supple.
  • Properly Fitting Shoes - The right fit will support your feet without being too tight. Don't try to squeeze into a shoe that's too tight.
  • Elevate your legs- raising your feet / legs for even 10 minutes helps to relieve pressure...and it forces us to slow down for a little while.
Wishing you very Happy Feet - so you can run, dance, walk and enjoy all of life's pleasures.

All Natural Foot Powder Our all natural, talc-free foot powder was created to soothe
 and comfort while providing an effective blend of odor
 reducing essential oils.
 Every batch is triple sifted to a silky smooth texture.
 Feels great on feet, sprinkled in shoes or socks.
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Making a Great All Natural Foot Powder

Making a Great All Natural Foot Powder

The making of an all natural foot powder begins 'out there' ...   in the woods, 

  in the fields and in the forests,

  where nature has already perfected its earthen magic     
  with ingredients from soothing plants, rich minerals,
  and nourishing roots...No Talc, No Cornstarch

  We gather these botanical ingredients together and 
   blend them to smooth perfection... 

With our triple-sifted process for the dreamiest result you can imagine! 

You see, our foot powder has a plan

To help you find your Happy Feet... 
So you can run, dance, walk and play with wild abandon (it's up to you)

  • Our special blend of botanical powders helps to soothe tired feet without talc or corn-starch

  • Wicks away moisture while providing silky powdered support for sensitive feet

  • Helps to reduce odor with our proprietary blend of sage, tea tree, eucalyptus, green tea, and myrrh

  • Triple sifting delivers exceptional silkiness - like stepping into a soft pillow

Your feet will thank you !!!

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