Herbs, Health & Wellness

You may have heard the phrase "Food is Medicine".

We agree. Wholeheartedly...

...in the power of natural foods and herbs to support health and wellness.

Herbs, vegetables, broth, teas, essential oils, and certain food combinations provide deeply nourishing care for body, mind and soul. Some provide sheer pleasure by filling our homes with beautiful scents

  • Some clients discover herbal nutrition when searching for ways to manage an  illnesses or for help with healing specific conditions.
  • You may be interested in maximizing everyday good health with just the right combination of herbs and foods for yourself and family.
  • You love aromatherapy and want to know more about essential oils
  • Or, perhaps you want to dig deeper into Herbal Learning to explore herbology as a profession.

As a herbalist and as my family's caregiver, I've been All of the Above. And, I've applied the principles of medical herbalism to heal my own health challenges. 

If you're interested in learning more, please join me. Let the journey begin...in Health, Nutrition, Essential oils

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