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We create luxurious handcrafted, products...developed with impeccable care, and deep respect for the natural flow of the seasons. 

As an ecologist, herbalist and lifelong nature lover, I searched for a green, eco-friendly line of plant-based skincare that would not only be safe and effective but would feel sensational to use; products I'd feel comfortable sharing with my family...

Unable to find exactly what I was looking for in a vegan brand, I created small batches of nourishing balms, rich butters, lotions and powders; quality testing each one until every formula was just right. This is still the way every Bear Hill product is developed.

Our botanical skincare is expertly crafted with natural extracts, organic essential oils, butters, nourishing clays and plentiful earth minerals. All vegan. All carefully sourced with sustainability, preservation and wildlife protection in mind.

The inspiration for each of Bear Hill's products comes from the plants themselves and the special habitats where they naturally grow: forests, fields, mountains, oceans and wild places. Every plant has evolved in perfect response to its environment by developing unique internal chemistries, or qualities. Such qualities as nourishing, moisturizing (or its opposite absorbing moisture), or support for healing. Plant chemistries and ours are perfectly bio-compatible. Blending these qualities in formulas results in very special personal care.

It's a delight to be able to share these wonderful botanical treasures with you. 

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Master Herbalist

Working with plants is a lifelong calling that began many years ago:

One late Summer day, when I was 5 years old, my great-grandmother gave me a little patch of garden right next to her cottage. She told me I could do anything I wanted there: plant anything, create anything. Inspired and enthralled with the possibilities, I designed a miniature botanical garden complete with tiny flowers & trees made from twigs-bark-petals-acorns.

There were pebbled paths, garden arches and a tiny replica of  grandma's cottage.
Hours and days that Summer were spent dreaming it into being;  balancing twigs and stones; stepping back to judge my creation  and reworking special areas. 
I can still see my little fingers covered with rich dark soil and feel the texture of treasures found there. It was magic on earth and quite truly the most meaningful childhood gift I could have ever imagined... and one for which I am eternally grateful.

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