The Ultimate Comfort Food

The Ultimate Comfort Food (other than Chocolate)

Community events can be so much fun.

Our local library had a special celebration this past Sunday complete with musicians, stand-up comics, our gorgeous restored vintage red fire truck, the usual Hot Dog van, face painting, prizes, and all of that neighborhood goodness.

Being an avid reader, I spied the Books-for-Sale cart on the Library’s front porch. Hmmm. There are never too many books.

Right there, on the top shelf, staring me right in the face. A book about my favorite comfort food of all time.

POTATOS. Or, rather, a cookbook full of Potato recipes.

No time to waste. I snapped it up in a flash… just as I heard someone else say “OOH, a Potato Cookbook. I wish I’d seen that”.

Since I’ve already got all of the lovely Chocolate Recipes I could possibly want, this was easy pickins.

Just flipping through its pages, brings a certain sense of homey warmth… The inner suggestion of melted butter.

I don’t care whether it’s Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall. I love Potato anytime of the year. Hot. Cold. French Fried. Scalloped. Julienne. Garlic mashed. Roasted…..

(this kind of reminds me of the ‘Shrimp Gumbo” scene in Forest Gump – anyone remember that classic?)

What’s your favorite food?