Making a Great All Natural Foot Powder

Making a Great All Natural Foot Powder

The making of an all natural foot powder begins 'out there' ...   in the woods, 

  in the fields and in the forests,

  where nature has already perfected its earthen magic     
  with ingredients from soothing plants, rich minerals,
  and nourishing roots...No Talc, No Cornstarch

  We gather these botanical ingredients together and 
   blend them to smooth perfection... 

With our triple-sifted process for the dreamiest result you can imagine! 

You see, our foot powder has a plan

To help you find your Happy Feet... 
So you can run, dance, walk and play with wild abandon (it's up to you)

  • Our special blend of botanical powders helps to soothe tired feet without talc or corn-starch

  • Wicks away moisture while providing silky powdered support for sensitive feet

  • Helps to reduce odor with our proprietary blend of sage, tea tree, eucalyptus, green tea, and myrrh

  • Triple sifting delivers exceptional silkiness - like stepping into a soft pillow

Your feet will thank you !!!