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Food As Medicine

We often hear the phrase "Food is Medicine"
and while this may sound like a common-sense statement about everyday nutrition, 
it's also much more than that.

Food is survival. It is the fuel we use for daily living.
Food is our only natural source of life preserving nutrients.
It is a powerful tool for healing from within when faced with illness and other stressors.

Food supports every aspect of our biology.
Food can help to restore our health, feed our internal chemistry and support our well-being.

Food is life!Food is Life_Bear_Hill_Botanicals

Food (real food) can help us to, not only thrive, but to feel vibrant, healthy, alive!
Real food can nourish our bodies in seemingly miraculous ways, altering or healing patterns of illness.

Real Food, in the right combinations, can help to restore our bodies to good health.
Real Food can help us achieve our goals: lose weight, gain weight, maintain balance, feed our brains, soothe frazzled nerves, support internal functions, provide the best skin care.
Real food includes a great many things. Vegetables, herbs, oils, spices, teas, beans - raw, cooked, artfully prepared and combined.
For this article we are focusing on plant-based foods (how to use them for your highest benefit.  
We are not suggesting that everyone should become vegan or vegetarian, but instead to learn how to use these important powerhouse elements and ingredients to your daily dietary regimen, for your highest health benefit.   as supplements and sometimes as the very foundation of targeted health & wellness plans.

Healthy eating_Bear_Hill_BotanicalsPlants, vegetables, herbs, spices, roots, shoots, bark, leaves, minerals all contain rich medicinal chemistry, or active constituents, within themselves. These active constituents are ‘made for us’ – insofar as we and they are naturally bio-compatible in the most nourishing, life supportive ways. It's how we use and consume them that makes all the difference.

Real Food is Real Nourishment for every cell in our bodies, inside and out.

Remember your skin needs nourishment too. Try organic oils and butters on your skin – more on nourishing skin care
in the next article.
Jenna Amundsen is a nutritional herbalist, researcher, educator, ecologist. For more on healthy, sustainable living and natural body care, please subscribe to our free newsletter.